Slave Rings and Sidewinders 50% off even

Sidewinder Rigged Mesh Outfit in BlackThis weekend sees the release of an outfit, stringy harness and a set of heavy duty slave rings.  For the weekend the outfit is at 50% off, and for the week the slave rings are.

Where to begin, where to begin.  It’s hard to pick sometimes.  Should I begin with pictures of the clothing or highlight the slave ring?  The slave ring really is cool looking however it is a bit plainer than seeing pictures of an outfit.  At least usually.  So we’ll start with the outfit.  I named it Sidewinder.  Why?  Well when I was wearing it at the Goth Fair this past week I was wearing my snake scales… which if it wasn’t for a friend I probably wouldn’t have put it out yet or anytime soon.  She saw it and wanted it sooooo I tweaked it up finishing the thing so I could share it.  I suppose that’s one way to get things done and off of that inordinately long list of things I have to do.

The Sidewinder outfit has the harness in black, and a drapey kinda maxi skirt that was so very popular awhile back that I really like with a low slung waist.  It too is in black.  Wear them together and it becomes a flirty piece that hides just the right places but Sidewinder Harness - 6 Color Texture Changeshows a lot of skin.  I love mesh for this sort of thing.  The strings of the harness wrap around the body flowing with it and moving with it.

The Sidewinder harness is also sold separately, this version though has a 6 color texture change option so you’re not stuck with just the black.  It also comes in red, green, blue, purple and a pinkish sorta color.  All on the dark tones though, jewel tones.  It’s sort of my thing.  Don’t often do the lighter stuff.  The harness is a wee bit showy when worn by itself.

The skirt comes in 7 sizes.  It has a lot of options for body types and the harness in the standard 5.

BOTH the outfit and the harness are on sale for 50% off today and tomorrow.  Monday they’ll be hiked up to normal price.

The weekly 50% off sale, which I’ve been a little lax on lately is for the new heavy duty slave rings I whipped up.  There are three versions.  Why three?  Because for once someone out there didn’t forget the GUYS!  Oh my god right?  Yeap… it occurred to me while I was working on these that there really isn’t anything out there… that I have seen at least… where the slave ring has animations for a male submissive or slave.  I know the guys are out there, and I have had requests for things like this but it really hadn’t knocked me upside the head till I was looking around.  Almost ALL slave rings are really only set up for girls.

Heavy Slave Ring - Full VersionSo… there is the full version, with 83 total animations.  46 for females and 37 for the guys.  Now pause here… 37.  That’s a lot.  For guys.


So there are three menus for the ladies, and two for the men.  Ladies animations include all sorts.  Emoting types of things like shy, and crying… begging, being fed, then positions like nadu, different kneels and stuff.  There are menus for playtime.  Self pleasuring of the finest quality.  One whole menu with different ways to play and then another menu where the wrist is bound to the ring while she plays…. one animation following the other in a sort of sequence until she is all tired out at the end catching her breath.

The men get two menus.  One with a ton of positions, sits, bondage.  It’s pretty complete I would think, at least better than what I have seen.  You might even be impressed…. but then they also get their own menu of self pleasuring freedom.  You can’t say I don’t aim to please.  Whether you like to watch or be watched these slave rings can be a bit of fun I think.  Oooh can you imagine?  Standing watching your property and click click, you control the menu making them do what you want them to?  Someone out there I’m sure would have a bit of fun doing that eh?

There is the full one like I said and because I know some people really don’t need or want both sets you can purchase them by themselves.  Male or female versions available.

Some other highlights?  Each set has one ring that is RLV enabled and one that is not.  RLV restrictions that are built in: TP, chat, IM, NC’s, Touch & seeing names.  You -can- add your own restrictions to the notecard inside the ring if you like, I left it modifiable.  If you screw it up you can always rezz a new one.  RLV capture is also par for the course, as well as being able to set who can use the menus.  All, group or owner only.

The things has customized particle chains not the crappy default ones.  I really hate those, and it gives manacles if you really need them, a collar, and toys.  Some facial animations are used which can be turned off by the owner.

Like I said… these are heavy duty kick ass slave rings if you like this sort of thing.  They are tricked out and have a lot of options.

The slave rings, all three of them are on sale at the landing for this week for 50% off as a special introductory offer.  So if you want to try it out you can.  I have one rezzed with RLV so you can test it out.

Hmmmm I’m trying to think if there’s anything else but I can’t quite think of anything and I want to get off of the computer for awhile…. sooooo I’m going to wrap it up and if I think of anything I can always add it.

Talk to you soon and have a great rest of your weekend!




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