Newness for We Luv RP & Fantasy Fair

Soo much has been going on and real life just loves loves loves to come up to create even more fun that sometimes little things like updates can get lost.  This past week has been FULL of stuff.

Fantasy Fair… god I love this thing, has been amp’d up and in high gear.  Super awesome event with great people working hard to do all sorts of things.  This year there’s role play groups and scenarios.  Puzzles, hunts… one for during the time of the fair and one that will run through the fair plus some time afterwards.  The initial hunt has prizes from each of the sim builders that you cannot get after the hunt has finished.  Pretty good stuff there, and then the other hunt will run for a week after the fair.Silvana Grove Walkers Shoes - Patchwork Leather - Brown

Items I’m including in the hunts are pretty cool a wagon that isn’t on the sim, and a set of lanterns that are colorized all pretty like.  As far as my RFL items I have three up, I wanted to do more but real life has been getting me and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get to them.  Kinda sucking in that regard.  Remember the shoes I did awhile back for the Fantasy Collective?  Well I redid them and I have new offerings that are in vendors for RFL.  There’s other options… black, fire, and earth along with the brown pictured here.  They’re pretty nice and seem to be received well.  I also have a set of wagons, they’re fun…. along with one of the chain jeweled belts.  I wanted to be able to have a range of items since then there is a chance someone will find something they like.

Each of the sims look magnificent.  Fun to wander and explore.  You know I’ve gotten some pretty great feedback and some real nice personal interactions this year that I hadn’t expected.  I’ll probably write more later too.

Asteria Rigged Mesh Corset - BronzedYou know me.

But if you’re in the mood you can read my Sponsor Interview: Here.  It’s got a lot of questions and my long windedness going.  I enjoyed doing it.

Please please visit the fair.  I really hope you will.


I got some of THE best lil avatars from Wilds of Organica (think that’s right, I’m not in world as I write, will fix if it’s wrong) on the Blackwater Glen sim.  Soooooooo cute.  Lil dragons, elephants and sugar gliders.  A frog and some foxes.  I have too many… they were gacha.  Eek, inventory bloat.  Plus my other half was with me and he got some so he was dropping them on me too!  Oi.  Anyone want an elephant avie?  It’s cute… lil tiny thing.  HUD included and everything. lolAsteria Rigged Mesh Corset - Blackened

In other news and more mundane type We <3 RP opened up for the month and I put a corset in there.  A bit of a different style for me but not.  It’s armored. I think it looks cool.  Leather and armor.

Done up in four variations of scales.  I’m not sure what to categorize it, it seems to be doing really well and I have it at a 40% discount for the duration of the event.  So you realize you can get this corset for a whopping 117L?  I mean… really… that’s all.  Not much.  So if you’re into this sorta thing now is the time to get it.  After the monthly round it will go to it’s normal pricing.

…::  Take Your Taxi to We <3 RP ::…




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