Home Show 2014

Salutations!  Home Show 2014 opened up on April 1st!!  Sponsored by awesome stores like Cheeky Pea, 11th Hour, and Mudhoney it has a lot of really great places represented.  I feel like a lil guy being amongst them.  Honest… and it’s a lot of fun to do things that are a little bit different than my normal.

None too Shabby - Perfect lil garden getaway!I’ve got three items that are available only there through the month of April.  Something a little different because it’s spring time (supposedly) and I wanted to do some items that were lighter.  Of course you have to take into account my normal style but I like how all of them turned out.  The first is the None Too Shabby Garden Getaway.  It’s a little garden shed but inside tucked away is a bed with splashes of color, roses, and romance.  Made for couples it also has a singles menu where you can read, draw, relax… just hang out for both men and women.  So anyone can enjoy the piece.

Then you get into all of the various couples menus.  There’s eating, drinking, relaxing, toasting, lounging… cuddling up, kissing, sitting together.  Honest… tons and tons with 55 different animation sets included all embedded so there’s no pose balls or ugly scripting things.

I do like that you know… being able to offer product that doesn’t kill your sim and also is functional.  Anyhow….

It comes with a couple accessories… a lil stick tree and some hanging pictures that are placed in the back.  I kept them unlinked so you could place them where ever your heart desires whether it is with the shed or in your home or anywhere.  This also lets you not include it if you don’t want lil pictures in the back.  They’re modifiable, so technically you could change the pictures in the frames too!  Maybe you don’t like what I picked… hard to believe I know but it does happen.  Or maybe you have a lot of little snapshots of friends, family, other folks that you want instead.  Have fun with it.

16 embedded couples sets

The second item is more along my normal color scheme… dark reds and things.  A deep red crimson rose arch over a garden arbor with a bench.  The bench has 16 different couples sets.  So this one is also for you lovers out there.  It’s got rose petals you can use at the base or not at all.

And if you’re actually reading this or paying attention…….. I have placed an arbor without the bench, just a decorative piece at the main store as a group gift.  Only members of the Roawenwood in world store group can pick it up.  The vendor says it’s 1L, but it will refund that linden as soon as you pay so it is truly a freebie.

The third set of items that is set up at the Home Show is something you don’t usually see from me…. but should probably once in awhile indulge in doing (I love accessories and little things).  A set of bird houses!  The sweetest things….. each of them have flocks of birds flying along the sides, grass Blue Skies Birdhouse Set - Black Rooftopspainted at the base of each house and gently swaying taller grasses dotting the walls.  Done in light tones, the bluest of skies with two versions.  One with black rooftop and the other a tan type.

They’re adorable and I like them quite a bit.  Can see them tucked into a garden, watching the birds while sitting back lazily in a garden chair the bees buzzing nearby on the flowers.  *breathes in deep* mhmmm… can almost feel the sun too, can’t you?

Each bird house set comes with it just on the post, and one with a tub of flowers at the base.  I thought it was a nice lil addition if you like it.

So that’s it for the Home Show… now open and playing here if you take a taxi.

Items are on display at the main store in the new arrivals section, near the group gift… hint hint.





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