RP Cages with and without RLV along with a bit of Twisted Hunt fun

March is here and that means that there’s a new round of the We Luv RP event.  This go round I decided to captivate you with a new set of cages.  Recently I was asked about a long retired set I had done that had RLV capture in them.  They were hoping I still carried them, I honestly think they were retired a year or two ago.  So no, I don’t have them but it got me to thinking and getting around to doing this set that I have been putting off.  It was a good excuse.Mesh Sleep Cage & Kennel

Two different cage sets.  Each one stuffed full of animations for just about any emote you can think of, well I kept them clean.  I don’t really have much naughty stuff in it.  Sorry!  But I am considering making an adult version as well.  The first cage set is a sleeping cage/kennel type thing.  It has a mattress with pillow, rumpled up grungy blanket and a water bowl in the corner.  I kept these rather dark.  I wanted a real gritty feel to them.  This is NOT the type of cage a spoiled slave gets.  Each set has one that is scripted with only the animations and then another that has RLV capture and limits the ‘victims’ ability to TP, accept TP’s, sit elsewhere, that sort of thing so they are in essence ‘locked’ into place until freed.

Mesh Kennel & Holding CageAs an aside and random ramble?  I hate taking pictures of cages for posters, I can never get them the way I like.  They just don’t ever….. work.  Ok, so back onto the other ramblings.

The second cage set doesn’t have the lil bed, and doesn’t have a water bowl.  They’re titled a little differently.  Kennel yes but a holding cage.  Someplace a little less comfortable… nice of me huh?  Rumbled blanket still in it.  I just liked the blanket, decided both of them needed it.  However one small difference is that the holding cage has a bit of straw strewn along the flooring.  A little touch to make it a bit more…. homey?  I don’t know if I’d say homey but it surely doesn’t seem that comfortable to me.  I think after awhile those floor boards would make me sore. *nods slightly to this*

Each cage has 4 menus of embedded animations.  That means… no poseballs.  Right click and sit for the most part…. or onto the blanket since that is where they are located.  The holding cage set has 53 different animations!

The sleep cage has a slightly smaller count of 45 animations.  Some of the lying anims on the belly and such just looked funny to me in it.

You have everything from scratching your backside while kneeling to begging, pleading, crying, sitting, lying, sleeping.  You can be disrespectful looking or shy and demure or just kick back relaxing even.  I really did add a lot.

100% Mesh, modifiable and copy.

Available through the month at the We <3 RP event at a 40% discount!

>>>> So take your taxi to get there. <<<<

The other bit is Twisted Hunt.  Kicked off on the first to lots of people coming and wandering trying to find that damnable cube.  Advertised as the hardest hunt in SL it tends to frustrate hunters but it is usually worth the wait.Twisted Runecasters Rug

My offering for this round which is themed, Magick, is a Runecasters set.  A rug that can actually caste runes…. click and the lil buggers rezz for about 5 minutes.  You can do a reading or play around with it.


The set also includes a cushion so you can have seats around it if you like.

If you want it, it is available at the store but you gotta hunt for it.

I have a gacha at the landing as well… if you’re interested with alter things.  And I have planned a mini-hunt to open around the 15th.  Hopefully 5 gifts and up to 10 are in the works for you to find around the Roawenwood.  Something to look forward too!  Yay!

Hope you’re having a great week…. Talk to you soon!





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