Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye!

The town crier bedecked in rich raiment rings the bell back and forth as the proclamation is set to be heard.  Thrice the sound shatters the early morning he then raising a scroll to read from to those gathered within the town square.  Staring back at him the peasantry wide eyed await the words that would come tumbling from his lips in the hopes of some good news this rather chilly day.

Clearing his throat he begins in a rumbling voice deepened over time with his position projecting it outwards so that all may hear him.

“Let it be known…” he intones his demeanor though to all outward appearances rather staid and stoic kept carefully in check is fairly bursting with the announcements that he is to make.

“The Fair!  The fair is coming!  Fantasy fair 2014 is set to commence in May upon the 1st of the month!  From May 1st to the 11th there will be festivities, treasure hunts, and the finest merchants that one can behold for all of the fine folk of the Wood and the surrounding countryside!”

The faces of the crowd break into delightful grins and guffaws can be heard as the news begins to spread each one of them holding onto memories from previous fairs.  The murmurs grow as they wonder what magic might be coming not too far upon the distant horizon.

“Save your coppers and your coin, the fair comes and with it….. much is to be done.”


Now… what does this mean?  Well…. THE FAIR!!!


11 sims!  Awesome creators.  SALES!  Newness!  Auctions! Hunts!  Prizes! Games!

All for RFL.

May 1st through the 11th.

What else does this mean?  It means that yours truly will probably be on the quieter side for the next month or so.  I am once again creating a world for you and have lots to do.  I will try to do things as I can but creating for and working the fair will eat up most of my free time.

An awesome event, hugeness…. for a very great cause that I hold close to my heart.

I hope to see you there!


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