Genre – Merfolk

Another round and another lil something.  This month the theme is mer-folk and I do actually like building for this partly because it isn’t something I do very often but I find it Under the Sea Merfolk Perchrelaxing.  The water, swimming, in general I associate it with peaceful type of feelings so when I go ahead and get into building for it or making something for it I tend to enjoy it.

I don’t really feel like I did anything all that grand.  I like it though, it is a little environmental piece.  Coral, sand, few shells and all with some kelp…. a sunken lost chest nestled in there.  In the chest there is 6 animations.  Hair brushing so a girl can primp herself out…. a few sits and a laying back sort of thing relaxing along the ocean floor.  I added an unscripted version for decorative purposes… and the scripted version.  It’s mesh so the unscripted is 14 prims but only weighs in at 7 LI, since it is mesh when I added the scripts it went up to 9 LI. *makes a sour face*

I know one thing when I’m looking for this sort of item, it feels like there isn’t that much really out there.  I mean it is pretty standard stuff.  Shells and all.  It’s not easy finding something different.  Ruins, lots of plant like things, but it feels like an area where some imagination or newness would be a lot of fun to play with yanno?  I don’t know what kind of group there is for it…. if it is even something ‘wanted’ I suppose you could say but I could see a lot of fun with it.  Was talking to a friend of mine, she wasn’t happy with the theme…. said it was too ‘mainstream’ and sort of boring, which sort of made me chuckle.  I suppose being a fish isn’t for everyone but I must just be one of those weird people who sees a lot of fun in some of it.  Seems like there is such bright color, and variations that the world itself just begs to be explored.

So who knows… perhaps I’ll find my way back under the sea sometime and do some more of this sort of thing…. One other big problem I have with it?  I can’t ever find animations for it that seem to be any good.  I’d love to have some full permission or at least copy/transfer sets to make a really good set.  Anyone have any resources?  *laughs*  It’s probably one reason I don’t have as much of this sort of stuff as I could.  Or would people be just as happy with some pretties that don’t have much of that in it?

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