Genre – The Fae – CoLab Reading Room

Today marks the beginning of a brand new round for Genre.  The Fae Folk.  Tons of great offerings from various designers marked down to only 100L for the month.  I do have a love for themed events yanno, and I’ve been doing this one for awhile now.  Laid Back Lily - Tiger

This round I’m offering up a set of chairs.  Very pretty oversized lilies in four different variations.  There’s the tigerlily of course…. then blue, black and red.  Each one with rich colors, tones and then on top of all of that 19 different animations in each.  I know I went a lil overboard probably with them but it is for a limited time special and they will probably go into normal store inventory afterwards.  Yanno us fantasy type folks like to have a lil bit of everything.  Each chair is mesh, weighs in at 5 LI each.  I kept them modifiable and in each pack you also get an unscripted version for decorating or to play around with yourself.

Not a bad deal for 100L is it?

So CLICK HERE to take the taxi to the Fae round of Genre


Reading Room Chair SetThis week is also a new round for CoLab.  I haven’t been able to get things done for this very well lately and it shows.  I still love participating though and this round I decided to get something together.  The Reading Room was the theme for it.  For 60L you get a nice little furniture set.  Wing back chair, little table with books on them and a rug to match.  Not a bad set.  The chair has 15 animations in it for male or female avatars.  Don’t be surprised though if this ends up in a different sort of furniture set later.  I do love this chair, always have.

Available at the New Arrivals platform in the main store in a specially marked CoLab vendor.

That’s about it for now.  I’m going to be peeking my head up again and around.  Have lots going on like usual… you can’t keep me sitting still really for long.

Have a great weekend!!



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