Feb. Round for We <3 RP

After taking a bit of time off for the holidays the We <3 RP event is going to be opening up again in a new location!  This month I’m offering up a gown.  For the first round of The Fantasy Collective I had done a limited edition gown in forest green called Evelyn.

I loved how it turned out honestly, deep rich colors and fabrics… I just couldn’t leave it that way.  To only have that one version, and since I was taking the limited edition part to heart… to never have available again?  I was heartbroken.  I couldn’t do that…. so I began fiddling.  Colors and variations.  I actually had a wee bit of a difficult time getting it the way I wanted.  The embroidery along parts of it just was not cooperating.  It was terrible.  I was wondering if I’d ever be able to get it alright enough.  So I put it away half thinking that it wasn’t going to be done in other variations.  Sometimes one turns out just right and the rest… are just…. blah.

After some fiddling and messing with things I was able to get a set of colors that I could live with that didn’t put to shame the lovely green one I had done for the other event.

So without further adieu I present the Evelyn gown, released in a variety of colors.  The green is going to stay safely locked away for those who purchased it as part of the Fantasy Collective event.

Evelyn Rigged Mesh Gown - We Luv RP Preview Pic

This month it will be at the We <3 RP event at a 50% discount!

Take a Taxi to get to the Event!! 

(( I think it’s open, if it isn’t I swear, it will be soon lol ))


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