Hanging it up after 5 years of fun…

For the past 5 years I’ve done a contest on a monthly basis where you could win some Lindens and store credit.

Lately less and less have been participating which is cool, don’t mind I suppose then the odds are better for the ones who DO participate but it seems that after 5 years its just not doing as much for folks.  It was fun while it lasted hmm?  All the waiting, anticipating and fun.

This past month for December I upped the odds giving away 5000L and 5000L worth of gift cards… a total of 10k in prizes!

The winner is ::: Skye Merchiston

Thank you so much for all the fun… to all the folks who participated over and over… and for the laughs.

It’s been a lot of fun.

Now I need to come up with something because I need to have my fun.  I love doing things for people and it just won’t be the same if I can’t come up with an idea.

Anyone have any?  Could use a lil help!  *laughs*

Take care and talk soon.


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