For 25L today only

Greetings and Salutations my friends.  I’m writing up a short but sweet little post for 25L so you can get a peek.  For today two item sets are on sale.Winterlichen Boots in Brown

First off is a nice addition to your winter wardrobe.  The Winterlichen leather boots.  4 different base leather colors and each color has an included low lag texture change HUD that can switch the top from a selection of furs and leather.  10 options letting you have more control over your look.  Rigged mesh in 3 sizes, try the demo before purchase if you like.

The boots come in black, brown, taupe and creme base colors.  Having a flat sole makes it perfect for RP, and those that don’t want to always have to wear heels!

I also tossed the sconces from the Maghnus Collection into the fray for the day.

Ha! I rhymed…. I know… lame right?


Have fun and happy 25L Tues.

>>>> TAXI <<<<



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