Fantasy Gacha Preview #2

I had been prepared to pull the corset from the gacha carnival until last night when I started getting the IM’s.  Fantasy Gacha Carnival Hideaway SetsQuestions as to why, some asking for it specifically… looking forward to trying their hand at it so, I decided after a bit of arm twisting that I would put it back in.  I’ve struggled with coming up with something else to put in to it anyhow so I might as well.  The 1st the fun starts and along with the Briarthorn Corset set I have two other gacha items in there.  See the previous post about them.

The first is supposed to be a major piece.  Two hideaway sets.  Variations in look and feel there is rustic, rugged, silks and satin.  Commons include accessories and things like a shanty…. candles, rugs, pillows, lil decorative objects and then the rare is one of two different beds.  The beds have 50 something couples animation sets.  Lots of loving cuddly stuff that just will melt your heart.  It’s really nice.  I should place out examples at the store but I almost doubt anyone would find them to check them out lol  It’s something of a problem I suppose.  I dunno, I like the idea…. I will probably put display pieces out so you can see them.FGC Elementalist Staff Set

The last little bit?  Well….. That’s a set of staves.  Elemental in design there are 4 commons, earth – air – fire – water, and then there are two rares.  The voidwalker, and then the spiritwalker.  I think they look kinda cool, lil floaty crystals in the middle of the larger crystal.

Each one comes with an unscripted version, then a scripted version with AO so you can stand and walk around.  One blogger made me laugh, her write up said something along the lines of… being able to stand around all badass or be able to walk around without stabbing yourself with it.  Awesome.

So there you have it…. my offers for the fantasy gacha carnival.



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