Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Sneak Peek

The carnival is coming back to town starting Feb. 1st!  Seems like this event is just growing and there’s so much going on.  I thought I’d toss a post out there though I know that there FGC Briarthorn Corset & Bra Setsis quite a bit of blog coverage going already.

I have more than one item set that will be available but figured I might as well begin showing off a little bit of a tease.

The first item set is a bit different.  A bra set and a set of corsets…. I know I did something like this last round but this corset isn’t quite like what you’re used to.

On the full version of the corset and on the bra there are thorns that come up to kind of hug around the breast.  It looks quite prickly.  The corsets, both of them have an O ring on them, one on the front and the back…. along with spikes around the top edge.  So really these are kinda bad ass.  They’re not your typical clothing pieces.  One reason why I picked them.  If we’re going to have some fantasy might as well make it a bit prickly. *laughs*

The full corset is the Ultra Rare, 12 different looks.  It uses a texture change HUD for the different thorn textures and leathers.  4 leathers, 3 thorn types.

The commons are the corset w/out the thorns.  5 different ones.

The rares are the bra’s.  3 of them, each with different thorn textures.

So there you have it…. a tease.

Hope you’ll stick around and see what else is going to be out there.



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