Roawenwood 10,000L Holiday Giveaway

Didja ever see the contest that I run on a monthly basis?  Each month I run it where a lucky winner ends up getting 2500L and then a 2500L gift certificate that they can keep or give away for keeping me in their picks.  It’s not that hard and all but have been doing this since like 2009.

This month I’ve upped the stakes and the prize.

This month only you can win 5000L and a 5000L gift certificate which can be kept by you or given to a friend.

It is easy to get in on the chance to win, all you have to do is come down… click the sign at the landing point while keeping Roawenwood in your picks.  I didn’t wipe the list for last month so if you entered in November you’re already entered to win!!

I will be drawing a name at random on or around January 1st.

Have a good one and Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays Picks Contest


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