Arden Bedroom Set at a 40% Discount because We Luv us some RP

Just a few short days ago the We luv RP event kicked off another month, another round.  Instead of a clothing option this time I worked a bed set into the picture. Arden Woodland Bed Set Rough and rugged with a very rustic appeal the bed could be used in different places.  Gor or in some fantasy based place that favors the woodlands.  It kinda sorta goes hand in hand with the whole woodland theme from earlier when the Fantasy Collective opened.  Which that’s still going too if you haven’t been by there to get some awesomeness.

The bed has a massive menu.  Xpose scripted, RLV enabled, and 41 various menus to tempt, tantalize, and trip the fantastic with your significant other.  Or others… it has three some menus for male/male/female fun, as well as cuddly lovey female/female/male fun.  There’s also the naughty… very naughty FFM sets not just the sweeter things.

For couples there are tons of options of course.  Cuddles, kisses, sex, rough stuff… lovey stuff… On top, from the side, behind, spanks, you know… it has a bit of everything probably, tons of massages, breakfast in bed….  See?  I keep finding things to list.  When you get down to it, you’ll find some fun in it but if you want some quieter time there are also normal sleeps embedded in the posts along the back.  Two posts, two spots for people to rest, one on either side of the bed.

It also comes with the bed side tables, candles, wall mirror and the rug that you see in the picture.  100% Mesh, and modify/copy/no transfer.

So you really can’t beat all that.

Since it is part of the We love RP event I have it marked off at a 40% introductory price.  Not bad.

Furred Couples Rug SetTo test… you can visit the main store.

To purchase at the discount…. visit the We <3 RP event going on now!

Marketplace Listing

ALSO… I almost forgot. *edits this in* There’s a holiday tree set up at the We <3 RP event and I put a gift at the base to celebrate the season.

It’s not a bad one actually.  Lil more than I probably needed to do, it matches the bed set… heh uses the same rug, but don’t tell anyone.  If you want it you have to go to the We <3 RP event though.  I don’t have it out at the main store and probably won’t.  Dunno, if I do it will be in something else or with something else or something… you get the idea. *grins*



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