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So much going on lately right?  With the holidays coming up it gets more stressful and we all need to find those moments to relax and unwind.  What better way than to soak away your daily woes alone or with a loved one in a warm steamy bath.  I often get requests for things that suit a rustic theme, or Pani type theme, Asian flare or something along those lines.  Overall these things I try to keep an eye to authenticity with a splash of my own style thrown in there blending the two.  No promises that I’m entirely accurate. *winks*

This week with a 50% off discounted price to tempt you is the Ofuro Soaking Tubs in two different wood shades.  One a more reddish hue while the other a more sandy one to compliment different styles of homes I hope.  Each tub has animations for single bathing and for couples.  Singles can enjoy 6 different ways to relax and while away their time while there are 31 couples sets to choose from.

Couples sets include bathing together, foreplay, cuddles, kisses and some sexual content.  Within all of this there is a 9 part sequential set for a full body bathing experience with a bit of a happy ending tossed in there to keep it fun.

Including the little accessories pictured, rugs… sponge and soap, and rolled towels you can set up your scene with the little extras or not.  Everything is copy/modify.  Making it so you can have your items strewn all over or just in one place.  No muss… no fuss.

This week like I said it is at a 50% discount, meaning you can pick up the tub for a mere 498L rather than it’s normal price of 995L.  Not a bad deal really.  Rezzed at the landing so you can try it out.  I like them, thought they turned out pretty good.

Now onto a lil bits of store news.

·!¦[·   GACHA NEWS   ·]¦!·

Ok so I asked my group members for feedback about the gachas.  See lately there are events upon events that offer up or have gacha involved.  Probably too many, ya’ll are getting broke!  But the question was if offering up a gacha item after the event at the store was a good or bad thing.

Out of everyone who responded the vast majority wished some of them would be placed in the store after for various reasons from lag, lack of fundage during events, and a few other ones.  Understandably I can see most of the reasons.  There was a voice or so about exclusivity and all, get that one too.

Here’s the deal, I have placed some of the most recent gacha items out at the store all in one place so ya’ll can get them.  Some the prices have been increased…. I think for folks who actually went to the event to get it supporting it should get a deal, so while it is available….. now it’s a lil tougher.   I’m not sure how many or which ones I’ll keep up and out, AND I could always discontinue or switch them when you least expect it.

Four different gacha’s now available at the MAIN store!



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