Phaedra Rigged Mesh – 50% off for the week

Just a little something that I whipped together for a friend who needed something a little special for an evening they were having.  I don’t generally do requests, but I liked how it turned out and it was kind of pretty so I threw together a few colors for the store.  Figured why not right?

Rich brocade like fabric sweeps down to the ankles highlighting and showing off a well turned hip, and an exposed breast.  Not for the faint of heart showing off the body but keeping just enough hidden to make it catch the eye.  I thought high slave when I was making it up.  What do you think?

Short and sweet post today, I’m kind of taking it easy this weekend so I’m not going to babble too much.

Done in 7 different colors, with a few silver combinations along with gold.  Armbands, and bracelets are included to round out the outfit.  Red, Black & Gold, Black & Silver, Blue & Silver, Blue & Gold, Purple, and Green.

Rigged mesh is no modify while the jewelry pieces are unrigged mesh and adjustable/modify.

This week ONLY the outfit is at a 50% discount so you can pick it up for like 98L in specially marked vendors near the landing!

Get down there to check it out, demos available or you can pick one up on the marketplace.

>> Marketplace DEMO <<


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