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Salutations!  Today is the official opening of the Fantasy Collective and it’s very first round!  There’s been some advertising for it amongst various blogs already but I wanted to show off the items that I contributed.  The whole idea behind it is to offer up limited edition sets, colors or variations of a product that we won’t have for sale again.  To give ya’ll a lil bit of something that won’t be seen again.  There’s a whole list of awesome creators, if I begin to name them off I always feel like I leave someone out and I don’t like doing that…. anyhow….

The idea is an exciting one, give a bunch of creators a theme, make it limited, and voila!  They did a vote awhile back and the theme that was voted on by a very large margin was… Woodlands!  Elves, fairy, hunters and the like… and so all of these creative geniuses came up with some really cool stuff.

For my humble offerings I have two items and a cute lil gacha.  The first item I’m going to highlight is a dress.  I have a love for lots of different styles, really I’m almost as all over the place with clothes as I am with my furnishings but to be honest…. they don’t fly all over as much as my furniture.  I have always had a soft spot for Medieval or older styles.  I’m not a real contemporary kind of designer.  Fantasy and all suits me just fine for the most part though not ALWAYS so I can’t even say that huh?  Ah well.  So I’m slightly off balance. *shrugs* I can deal with that.  So onto the dress.  Fancy but not too fancy it is in a very deep dark green.  I actually really really like how this turned out.  With beadwork/ribboning along the waist and at the elbows to set it off, paneling along the front of the skirts… I wore it for a few days after finishing it.  I just loved how it looked and I really don’t wear green that often.  It’s not a color that I favor.  At one point I was working on some holiday product… walking amongst the evergreens and it just felt sooooooooo perfect for Yule or Christmas types of things.  It wasn’t on purpose either, I just was trying to do something that worked with the woodland theme.

I know it isn’t the most popular of colors, so I don’t expect most to find it of use but you should check it out on some level if you like this sort of thing.  I have demos for it at the main location landing as well as at the event.  I won’t be offering this version ever ever again I don’t believe.  I know in the event thing there it says something like after 6 months I can but I’m leaving that one up in the air.  I’m kind of figuring that it’s a one and done deal.  It’s called Evelyn, and is in the standard sizing measurements but also has 2 extra sizes in it as well so a total of 7.

My second item is a set of shoes.  I have a thing for shoes, giving into the whim now a days to work on them and for this round I have something that should be a little bit fun.  For the event there is four colors.  I have some set aside for the main store in a different set but these ones… these won’t be offered again.  The main big one that I think will be the one that does the best is the black.  Never ever again will I offer up the black version.  *cries!*  Wrapped patchwork leather around the ankles and the top of the foot, creating a sandal/boot of sorts.  I just thought… wow, yanno, I can so see an elf type or woodsy foresty person running through the forest with something like this.  So here it is.  There are like I said four variations at the event.  The black with the decorative stuff around the top band, red, green, and a patched version.  The red and green are also decorated while the patched version doesn’t have the fancy stuff around the top.  The red and green are rather seasonal anyhow… I figured why not eh.  The others aren’t as much.  With a tinting hud for the feet and 16 different pedicures I was thinking that it was pretty cool.  Rigged mesh of course, want them to move well with the avatar.

Three sizes and the unrigged version IS in the pack as well if you want to wear it, or resize it.  I’m thinking of attaching the last few pictures along the bottom so you can see all of them if you like.  Just to get an idea but I don’t want to clutter up here too much either.  heh

Demos at the event and at the landing just like with the dress.

My last lil bits for this round is a gacha.  Nothing major this time but I love the lil set and how it turned out.  Woodland candles, offered up with four different leaves strapped, wrapped and tied to them.  Two different barks to complement the different colors.  Try your luck and see what you get… get the set or some duplicates but even that isn’t a bad deal.  They’re a nice accent piece for those of the woodsy type but also just as a nice seasonal autumn decor.

So there you have it.  A lil bit of this and a lil bit of that.  The rounds for this event aren’t going to be monthly, I think it is every two months so I have no idea what the next theme would be or how they are going to run it.  I’m sure with the first round there will be somethings changing as they go.  You know, working out the kinks and all.  I think set up and all of it went rather smoothly… give a lot of credit to the team who has been putting it together to get it off the ground.

I’m looking forward to more and to seeing what comes next.  I hope I get to join in again in the future.  I really do.

TAKE A TAXI to The Fantasy Collective!

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