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I have done chores and different things for years to help people within their role play or to create scenes.  It’s something that I have always loved to do.  Chores/work sets were some of the very first things I ever did.  I loved the idea of creating an atmosphere.  I don’t know if I want to say I wanted to make it feel ‘real’ but something along those lines.  Little things that you could do, or play into to create bigger scenes than just standing around… wandering… or well pixel bumping.  Not like we don’t all like a good pixel bump or scene but sometimes there are other things.  Perhaps it is my caregiver type nature in some respects finding the interesting possibilities that can be had within something as simple as work or day to day living.

Perhaps it is because I grew up around farms, animals, braiding rugs, big looms, churning our own butter amongst other things that created a love within me for the simpler life.  I don’t know, perhaps I remember the smell of the wood fire burning while doing all of this creating a homey type feel.  Perhaps a lot of things.

One thing that was always difficult though was creating these pieces for people who didn’t have the ability to really have a home.  Land is expensive in SL.  Period.  It is.  Not everyone can have some land to set their things out on, and then there are limitations.  One, being around other people…. creating atmospheres but then not having folks to interact with.  And sometimes even if you do place out or have things placed out on a sim it isn’t necessarily what you want to do or have right?  Plus prim counts and all that stuff.  I have done attachable pieces before, you know… brooms and things.  A few other items…. but one thing that always bugged me was how it was only 1 animation.  So there you are… like with my harvest bag I used to have.  It attaches and over and over you just do the same animation….. can’t stop, pause or whatever.  Someone comes up you have to take the bag off etc, which really doesn’t create role play…. or anything else.

Awhile back I figured it out.  One of my first pieces with this in mind was the feather duster.  It has quite a few animations in it. Seven I think.  Ways to stand, kneel or work.  So you could click it and stop working to interact with passersby.  Awesomeness really.  I loved it.  A bit too specific, don’t think people really saw it for what it was and I don’t think most people care if they have a feather duster. *laughs*

It is something I have long wanted to offer, wearable things with multiple options, and now I can.  With this in mind I had created the seating for the gacha event.  A group member had mentioned this too, sometimes at events or something running out of places to ‘sit’, wanting to be able to no matter what.  So now that gacha has been going for a bit and it seems to be well received I decided to move forward and offer up the first of what I hope to have as a decent line of options for people.

A set of three rocking type chairs.  Granted I can’t make them rock while attached but you can get the feel for them rather well.  Each chair has 12…. you see that??  12 animations to choose from.  Sewing, crochet, knitting, reading, drinking tea… cocoa… and wine.  Then different lounges, or sits so you can relax or work or mend clothes whatever.  The cushion holds the props which are included.  You get two different chairs, one with sewing basket attached… one without.  I figured not everyone wants it around with them all the time right?  More opportunity to use it wherever you want that way.

Anyhow…. so that’s pretty awesome don’t you think?

You click on the chair while wearing it and a menu comes up.  You can choose from the 12 animations that are in it.  You don’t need to rezz… you don’t need to do anything except wear it.  If you sink into the ground I have a lil tip in the instructions to help you out so you can fix that… or you can adjust it as I left it modifiable.

Of the three they each have a different style to them.  The rough one is more rustic, darker… has a furry throw over the back and patched leather for the seat.  The second is a rich brown wood, with quilting for the seat and the throw along the back.  The last has white shabby wood, blue quilting on the seat and then a crocheted throw over the back.  I thought that each one could suit so many different styles, places or moods.  It’s perfect.

So you can decide… which one do you think is your flavor?

I have more of this sort of thing to come I think…. do you like them?  Give me some feedback, do you see improvements to be had or ideas that I might not consider?  I’m all ears.  I would love to hear from you about it.

Thanks very much and have a great week.



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