The Huntress

The gacha carnival opens up today!!! All of the anticipation, all of the preparation and all of the hard work has finally come to fruition and the carnival is open!!

Yesterday I highlighted the attachable seating crates that are the first prize that I’m offering.  The second prize is a very sweet looking corset.  I’ve gotten rave reviews over it already and people seem to be able to find some pretty awesome ways to wear it.  Leathery and rugged to an extent I thought it would be a really great autumn type piece.  The corset itself has belts that run over the shoulder holding it into place with a bit of a different style than you usually see.  A small pocket is on one side and it is asymmetrical in design along the bottom.  This is kinda neat in my opinion.  Giving a unique flair.  The laces along the back pop!

Really I can’t gush on enough about it.  I really do like the style.  I have quite a few corsets I want to work on, I honestly have a thing for them.  I have a few things that I really like and almost have a fetish for.  Corsets in almost any style will catch my eye.  A well done one of course will and while this one is leather bound and meant for the adventurous sort you never know what I might come up with later too.

The corset has common, rare, and ultra rare looks.

There are 8 common color variations.

Four rares.

Two ultra rares.

So this means you have the chance of winning how many different ones?  Honestly they all look really good, the original concept was the green strapped with brown leather.  The idea of the huntress hit me while working on these because really that is what I saw.  Perfect for elves or women who want that snazzy look of a corset without having to compromise or look like they are stepping out of their bedroom.

Nothing wrong of course with lacy and pretty but sometimes there’s a need for the other too.

So that was my idea, and my thought.

I’m hoping you guys all like it and race down to try your luck!

>>> TAKE A TAXI <<<


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