Maleficent Boots

An addition to the Horrorfest stuff that I couldn’t resist.

The Maleficent boots have spikes and attitude.

Right now only available at Horrorfest the tricked out version has 20 different looks.  HUD driven with low lag scripting there’s plain black, versions with different kinds of skulls, stripes, checks and brocades.  I guess I couldn’t decide what I liked so I threw it all in there.

Then there is a Limited Edition color/version.  Horrorfest is having a Sepia Ball or something along those lines, so I made up a striped version with sepia coloring.

Those will ONLY be available through the event and then I won’t sell them again.  So if you like em, then you need to get to Horrorfest and pick em up.

50% of proceeds from the sale of the L.E. boots will go to the Epilepsy Therapy Project.

Not sure what else to say about them but wanted to get em out there so ya’ll could see them plus hopefully have it benefit the event.

Take care and have a good one.


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