Layla – Rigged Mesh Harness

For the love of bondage and a good tight fit the Layla rigged mesh harness is meant to accentuate the body.  Really I know it sounds like a sales plug and all but I do love this stuff.  I have a rather warped sense of things at the best of times, and at the worst you just don’t want to know.

Wanting to share in my love for it all I like to have these things around.

Layla comes in 8 different colors.  Each color comes with a texture change hud so you can change the chains, studs and rings on it.  Nine (9) different metal options are available to choose from in three different metals.  Blackened, silver or gold.

The colors of the harness are pretty standard for the most part except for some pretty awesome variants if I do say so myself.  Black, red, purple, white, brown, silver, tarnished, and copper.  The silver one seems to be rather popular already.  Maybe it’s because it’s a wee bit different than what you usually see.  I know that some will do better than others, and some will not but you never know really.  Picking colors can be a little bit like flipping a coin.  I might like it but that doesn’t necessarily mean anyone else will eh?

This week only as an introductory type of gesture I have the single copies all marked down 50% off!

Fat pack is not since really… the fat pack is pretty much getting all of the colors for half off.  I figured why not.  So this week you can get your hands on them at a discounted price.

Demos are available in world or on the marketplace.

Vendors are set up at half off already at the in world location.  Marketplace is not set for the 50% off, those are normal pricing.

Hope you’ve had an awesome week and I’ll be writing again soon.

*wanders off humming*

Layla….  you got me on my knees
Layla…. I’m begging darlin’ please
Layla… darlin’ won’t you ease my troubled mind…

(Eric Clapton)


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