This week all that is dark and gloomy is on display just in time for Halloween at Horrorfest.  Decided to have some fun with it and offer up a few things.  These things that are going to be listed here aren’t available in the store at the moment.

Running from the 18th of October through November 8th.

There’s a bit going on.

A Hunt; which I have a prize at my store for that is supposed to going on now I believe.  It had been pushed back a couple times due to RL things BUT the prize I have is out and not too hard to find.  It’s in a wee lil jack-o-lantern.



So… what did I decide to put out there?  Well I’m going to highlight the masks first I think.  They’re kinda warped yanno?  They are unisex really… Think anyone could wear them though I suppose most guys aren’t going to want to wear the jeweled one.  hmm…. well…. be that as it may, there are two versions of the mask.  The aforementioned jeweled mask, and then one that is tricked out with spikes and studs.

Both of them have a lot of options as far as the looks.  The jewels and the spikes/studs can have their color changed, hidden or in view, shiny, brightness, glow, all of that stuff…. so you can make it look how you want or match it to your outfits… that sort of thing.  Along with this there are 10 different leather options for the bands and mask itself.  So you can have some fun with the looks.  Both masks are priced at 225L, through Horrorfest 25% of the proceeds are going to benefit the Epilepsy Therapy Project.  Not a bad deal I think.  The Eden one seems to be doing better than the other. *laughs*  I honestly thought it would be the other way around…. the spiked one, but nope.  It’s the one with the jewels.  I guess that’s o.k., not sure which one I like better really.  I do have a rather warped sense of things, you know they remind me of a muzzle.  Honestly they do.

The next bits of things I put out there is a set of bondage equipment.  Yea I know nothing new but they do look a bit different.  Made from bones, skulls and rope they’re far better for the season don’t you think?  And you know…. it’s easy to pick up normal gear like this… don’t you think having something of a conversation piece in your dungeon might make it fun?  Hey I thought so.  Why not.  There are four pieces to the set.  Bondage poles, a cross, something along the lines of a St. Andrews cross and then a set of short posts.

The Bondage Poles have 12 sets in it for a Master and his slave girl or submissive.  Kissing, sex, and flogging are amongst the offerings within the set that gives props, has basic RLV functionality and particle ropes for the bindings.

Horrorfest Item - Feast of Ghouls Bondage Poles - gives 100% proceeds to the event.

The second piece, named Crissed Crossed has a bit of a twist.  I think it looks pretty damn cool honestly.  It has 10 sets in it for the dominant and his submissive.  It also has 5 sets for the Domme and her boy.  Nice hmm?  I thought so.

Gives props and cuffs when needed, has basic rlv functionality like the other along with XPose scripting.

The third is a cross.  This one has embedded animations, no poseballs to muck it up and still has particle ropes for the bindings.   2 animations and 9 poses are included.  Again, I think it just looks cool. LOL

The very last… but not really least if you like to have different ways to tie someone up is the short posts.

Keep em on their knees I always say!  Or on their back…. or…. well….. with my vivid imagination you have no idea. *snickers* Anyhow!!  This also has embedded animations, 5 of them total with ropes.

Sweet little set.  Have one or all… I think it’s worth it, don’t you?

The bondage poles give 100% percent of their proceeds during the event to charity.

There is also another set, a decor pack with some dark stuff for sale that gives 50% of it’s proceeds to the event.

And if that wasn’t enough I did a wee bit of gacha.  Nothing too big but pretty cool.  A set of bracelets that are sized for both male and female avatars for your dark side. The gacha machines are outside the main venue in headstones all over the place along the paths.  They’re pretty cool, the whole thing is a lot of fun really, and for a good cause.  Mine isn’t on the main path up to the thing.  Kinda missed my chance to get one of those but along the left hand path as you’re facing the building there is mine about half way up.  I like it.

I guess I tend to overdo on things hmm?  If I didn’t end up doing all this stuff can you imagine the amount of things I could accomplish in my store?  *laughs*

So go! Have fun! And see all the other awesome stuff that is there.

>>> Horrorfest 2013 TAXI <<<

Go!  You know you want to!




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