25L Tuesday

Two brand new items not in store inventory for 25L Tuesday this week.  Next week I’m on the list too and we’re supposed to do a gift I think so it’s all good.  You know it’s funny, for quite awhile I been thinking yea I should get on the list once in awhile at least.  It’s an interesting thing to do and people like to get a little deal once in awhile.  I don’t ALL the time but yanno, to keep it interesting.

Anyhow… I kept wondering why I’d miss the sign up times.  They alternate time zones so people have a fair chance.  Open up the reservations say noon one week and then the next it’s at 10pm or something.  My time that is, in SL it’s like 7pm or something.  And I digress yet again, but I was wondering why I kept missing them and guess what?

Well… I had group notices off. heh.

Nice huh?

So for this week I have a couple items up.


The first, the meat wagon was actually a customer request.  They had some of the other pull carts and was wondering if I had something along those lines.  I didn’t and while trying to figure out something for this week I figured why not.  So there you have it, at a discount through today.  Tomorrow it’ll be placed at normal pricing.

Second item is a set of bondage posts.  Short posts with a handful of animations in it, particle chains and gives manacles.  It matches the other wooden post that I tossed out there a few months ago.  I like it when things match or go together.

So there you have it, 25L for this week.  Come take advantage before midnight tonight SL time.



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