RP Luvin, Tender Moments, and Curling up with a Good Book

Seasonal sweetness abounds as I highlight the latest items I’m putting up for sale for the We Luv RP event.  The event opens up today and I have a sweet 50% off sale for you on some newness that isn’t in the store.

They’re simplistic in nature really… straw bales and fencing.  Some scattered straw and leaf litter.  So technically set up to use them in farm, or under normal circumstances or for a more seasonable flair with the leaves during the autumn months.  There are three sets being sold at the event total.  The first that I am going to highlight is for couples.  Lovers and those so inclined are invited to check this out.  A small scene with stacked straw bales, and fencing behind it.  I know.  Doesn’t sound like much right?  Well it looks good… at least I think so, THEN it has 18 animations in it totaling 9 animations sets that are set to work in a sequence.  You can either set it up to play the sequence which lasts about 5 minutes or you can use the sets one at a time for full control of your scene.

Very nicely animated moving from one to the next seamlessly they are the sweetest intimate type animations that just melt the heart and hit you right in the gut.  This set uses AvSitter.  No poseballs, just right click and sit.  Ladies generally going first if you end up in the ‘wrong’ spot you can swap over to the other.  Simple.

The second set is simple seating really.  Sometimes you want to be able to toss around places to sit for yourself, friends, or wherever else.  There are three different seating arrangements in the pack.  A single bale with 12 animations in it, dual bales that are sort of side by side have places for two people to sit.  Each place having 8 animations to choose from.  Then there is a stacked set of 3 bales, two people can also sit on this at a time and each can choose from 7 different animations.  You have to admit there are TONS of options for you with this set.  There are no poseballs, all of them are embedded and adjustable through an easy to use menu.  There’s drinking cocoa, lounging, reclining… being as lazy as you wanna be.  I think there’s even a handstand in there somewhere if you’re in a playful mood.

The last little bit is the actually decorator pack.  In it you will find fencing in the corner shape like in the first item up there… then single posted and dual posted versions so you can toss them around where you want if you like building your own enclosures or decor.  The different straw bales are included… single, dual, and triple stacked versions. It’s a basic set just for those that don’t want all the animations etc.

Each set has the leaf litter and scattered straw options.  Tossed them in all three.  I figured each could benefit from them and they’re such a small thing yanno?

Available at the We <3 RP Shopping Event with a 50% discount!!

I may throw them into the store before the end of the event BUT the only place to get them at a wicked nice discount is at the We <3 RP event.

CoLab ALSO has a new round.  The theme this time was Beauty and the Beast.  I didn’t get too fluffy with it, I suppose I could have but made up a very nice reading nook.  The full version of the nook has 20 embedded adjustable animations.  Anims for male and female are included with laying around, lounging, 4 different reading sets, drawing, writing… tons.

The set also comes with a tea tray for decoration, candles and a tea set with refreshments is on it.  Then a copiable hurricane candle.  You can see them all in the pic or if you come down to the store.

The CoLab version only has 7 animations in it.  It will be at the bargain price of 60L through the round for the next 2 weeks but the full version is of course a bit more.  I like it, think it turned out nice.  It’s kind of a spin off of the Madison Den set that I did ages and ages ago.  That one is probably getting a bit outdated now anyhow.  This is pretty nice with working cabinet doors, and drawers along with a day bed thing in the middle drawer.  I didn’t animate that though… it’s mainly decoration.

So there you have it, a few of the newness things going on around the Wood.  I have other things coming up don’t fret.  Like always.

Have a great weekend everyone and talk to you soon.


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