We Luv RP – New Rigged Shoes & Furniture on Sale

As September comes in we have another round of the We <3 RP event.  Lots of awesome products highlighted by some talented folks.

This month I broke away a little and I’m offering up a set of rigged mesh leather flats for the ladies to wear.  They come in 5 colors.  Black, brown, red, purple, and blue.  Gold & silver buckled versions.  Don’t ask me what possessed me to do a couple of the colors except I just thought it looked pretty sharp.

Marked down 30% from what they will be in the store they are only 137L a pair.  A steal really when you consider that this is such a great basic shoe for rp’ers or folks who want something a little different.  And rigged!  Moves with the foot nicely.  I was wearing them myself a lil bit.

All shoes come with silver and gold buckled options.  I didn’t do the texture change HUD, I thought it would just be easier to avoid the extra scripts putting both sets of shoes in the package.

The other item I decided to highlight was a revamp of the thing I had out for 25L not so long ago.  Bigger and better, textures redone a bit to make them a lil better.  The Everyday Rustics Chair set.  Two chairs are included.  One with singles animations.  9 sits for the men, and 9 sits for the women so no one feels left out.

If you’re looking for some couples time the second chair has 4 male sits and 4 female sits so you can sit together, and then 6 sync’d couples sets.

Mesh and only weighs in around 2 prims apiece they are copiable so you can toss them around wherever you want.  Marked down 30% as well so they are only 347L during the event.

So that’s that update…. what else…

Ohh!! CoLab!  New round.  yay….

This rounds theme was Things that Go Bump in the Night.  I played off of it a lil bit and I’m offering up a vampire’ish living set.  The two items that will be priced at 60L are these:


I did make up a Full Version of the Hellsbane couch.  The full version has more in it. The Full version has 1 couples conversing set, 9 sits for male, and 9 sits for the female…. 6 couples cuddles sets, and then I threw in there 14 couples vampire sets.  I know… vampire.  eh?  Well… why not.  Priced at 650L the vendor is set to give Roawenwood inworld group members a 50% discount if they wear their tag.

Have a great weekend and talk to you soon.



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