Twisted Carnival Madness

The first was the kick off of the 13th (!) Twisted Hunt.  Hugeness everywhere and so many twisted or warped things to find or do along the hunt path. I know I’m running WAYYYYYYY late with my blog post but that doesn’t mean that I’m not super stoked to have been able to participate and sponsor the event!  I love love Twisted… and have so much out there for you to have fun with.

129 stores I think, and yours truly did what she always does.  Spoils the hunters rotten with gacha, souvenirs and a gift for both petite or normal sized avatars. Both of them are in theme with the Twisted Carnival.

I’m going to do something I don’t generally do… and I’m going to post the prizes.  Most of the time I like to tease a bit… ‘if you wanna know you gotta find it.’  But since I’m so late in getting this out there maybe a little bit of guilt is mixed in there. heh

The prize for…. “normal” avs….. is a very cool set that is fun if you’re looking to play around.  Yanno, goof off…. or something along those lines.  Not sure what kind of use you might find for it but you know sometimes the stories I hear.  You’d be shocked by what people come up with but then again, maybe not… *snickers*

Twisted Tight Rope Walking – Yepp, I did a tight rope set.  I don’t think I’ve really seen this out there that much, and yanno I’m a rp fanatic.  Love the idea of creating scenes and things so now we have something fun to play with.  Walk across the tight rope that is stretched between the supports or do a handstand…. you can hang upside down and if you lose your footing dangle precariously above the ground below.  Now the twisted part?  I don’t believe in nets… really… who wants a net?  So we have burning embers or spikes…. or both!  I suppose I could have been nice with the net and all but well…… nah. The burning stuff and spikes are all optional, not linked to the main part so really you can decide what to do with it if you want.

The set also includes some straw bales with a few sits for spectators or for hanging out.

The second prize is for petites.  Petite Mesh Avatars and the like are a little bit of a soft spot for me, love the things.  Love bouncing around as one but I don’t that often.  I should more often probably.  Now as far as my twisted offering I worked on a wagon.  Carnie wagon for those traveling folks to set up camp.  I didn’t overly furnish it… but there is a stove inside the wagon, along with more straw bales to sit on.  Same ones for the tight rope, just sized down and adjusted.  The wagon itself has an awning the can be opened or closed with a lil click.  I know that isn’t outright twisted but it is pretty damn cool if you ask me.  I like how it turned out.  I’m not sure if I’ll do more with it really.  I thought about tricking it out some and making a set for the store… because it seems a shame to have it disappear after the hunt but some might not mind that so much huh.  There’s a small lantern over the seats in front with stained glass… decent texturing and a nice look.  I think it could be a fun addition to most people’s spots if they like.

I have a lot of lil things.  Souvenirs are a favorite of mine.  Like to make up things using those twisted boxes.  This go round I put out a knapsack again, actually saw someone in group chat mention they were hoping that I would do another one.  Kinda could make it a tradition maybe…. twisted cube knapsack so you can traipse around with em.  Then a top hat decked out with a couple roses and the cubes.  Last souvenir is a sack full of em…. then you dive in!  That one you can’t wear of course but it is fun if you like that sort of thing.

Then there’s the gacha.  See I told you I did a lot.

The gacha items are sized for normal avs.

A set of crates that are for sitting on but really it is at your own risk.  Sit on one and you might be tossed up in the air.  Sit on another and it will swallow you up…. there’s 5 of the bad boys waiting for you to try your hand at it.  The rares for the gacha have all 5 of the funky warped sits along with a few others, drunken singing and ground sits so you can play around with em.  I’m not ever quite sure what to put in for gacha, say that often enough but thought these might be fun.  I personally think the one that drags you inside the crate is a good one. *laughs*  Clawing at the ground as you’re dragged across it…. it’s awesome.

So what else would you like to see for the Twisted fun?  Sales, gifts, prizes, games…. I hope ya’ll enjoy the hunt and are having a great week.

Talk to you soon.





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