A Clockwork Spiral: an event to benefit the National Kidney Foundation

Today sees the opening up of a rather awesome event.  A Clockwork Spiral.  A steampunk themed event with a nice darkened twist.  Some awesome folks are a part of it with some really great designers.

Info can be found here: http://aclockworkspiral.wordpress.com/  with lists of merchants, and all of that good stuff.

There’s going to be events and fun things going all the time.

It runs from now, the 18th through the 22nd.  Not too long but not too short either so you can have a chance to take advantage of the events or shopping.

I’ve got a few things over there that aren’t available in the store and the proceeds from the sales help out the National Kidney Foundation.  50% of the proceeds from the vendors there at my spot goes to the charity.

The first item is the largest.  A garden arbor with a darker theme.  Rather Gothic looking I suppose it has a very nice feel to it and a lot of options.  22 sets of animations with 3 menus.  Singles sits for both male and female to just relax by themselves as well as two couples menus.  The first couples menu has different cuddles, holds, a conversing set and a few other things.

The second couples menu has a standing cuddle sequence beneath the roses.

Made 100% from mesh is is a really nice set for your garden or personal space to relax or be close to someone.

It is on display at the event so you can check it out as well as purchase through one of the donation vendors.

The second set of items that I have are a couple really neat top hats.  One in brown and one in black with clockworks along the brim it totally fits into the theme.  They look really nice and are priced very reasonably.

The last little bit that I threw in there is a gacha.  I thought it might be a nice way to round out the items I was doing.  A set of Victorian styled boots for the ladies, reasonably priced at 45L a pull.  There are 6 colors of the common version and then two rares in leather.  All with corset looking lacing textured along the back, some very nice accents.  Rigged and unrigged versions of the boots are in each one.  There are demos available at the site so you can check it out.

None of these are available at the main store right now.  They are over at the Clockwork Spiral event which you can get to by taking the TAXI RIGHT HERE << SEE CLICK RIGHT HERE AND YOU’LL GET TO GO!!  *laughs*

You know you want to, it benefits a really great cause so what’re you waiting for?

Look at this list of people who are participating!!       Participating Merchants



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