The Imperator: Mesh Throne Set

Blending the rustic with the opulent a fully accessorized furniture set with a throne as the centerpiece.  With a medieval type twist this set is stunning in a lot of ways.  Whether for your dungeon, castle, or tucked away in your private space it has a lot to offer you in more ways than one.

The throne is Xpose scripted and RLV enabled with texture change options for the cushion in 9 different colors.  This of course is really just the surface stuff, after you dig in you will find that the throne has 31 menus with 144 different pose sets totaling 297 animations.  Menus include everything from Master/slave to Mistress and her slave boy or slave girl.  Options for both are included with captive sets, particle chains that match the feel of the throne.  Not the default ones that you see often used in most furniture of this nature.  Other menus include naughty and nice with seduction, dance, teasing, forced play, and a lot of sequential type sets.  6 part sets for him, her, bj’s, over the knee spanking amongst other things.

It also has 3some options.  2 sets for Male/Male/female play that vary just slightly and then 7 sets for female/female/Male.  Captive poses where he reclines relaxing, as well as a couple other bondage poses…. then a relaxing one or two then a play option so you can all enjoy each other a wee bit.  The throne gives manacles, flogger, and what else might be needed, has some facial expressions in a few spots too.

So there’s the center piece…. but there’s a lot more to this too.  (( yanno I just had a flash of one of those television paid programs… “but wait there’s more!”  Gah!! ))

Included along with the throne is a complete set of decorative elements that I used in its display.  A set of mesh drapes for the wall, stunningly textured sweeping around it, candelabra, plants and a mesh fur rug to throw onto the floor.  I even tossed in the block that is textured with the really regal looking runner carpeting just in case someone really wanted it to look like what I had come up with.

I have this habit of roughing up the regal… in other words often when I make something that looks really fancy I also add a few rustic pieces or make the wood look less than perfect or something.  I did that with this so the throne itself has a rougher look even though at the same time it doesn’t.  I like that about it.  The drapes are like that too, the wood along the top is roughened up just a bit.  Gives it character.

Anyhow… the throne in its entirety and displayed all decked out near the landing to the main store as well as at the Splinter’d store.

THIS WEEK ONLY the set is marked down to 1995L which is about 50% off!

You MUST go to the in world location for this pricing, or you can take a gander at it here on the > marketplace  <



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