Do you love Gacha? I need your input.

I haven’t done much with it.  On and off, once in awhile but lately a lot of events are wanting to do them.  SO!  I have a problem.

What exactly do I put in the things hmm?  I’m not always sure.  Now, what I need from you.

Ideas!  What do you think would make a good set of gacha prizes?  For example, I’m going to be doing the fall version of the Fantasy Gacha that is running.  I was given a little nudge that the men folk aren’t really able to get much at these things… I heard a few things BUT I’m still kinda drawing a blank.  Give me a clue, or two… I want a bit of originality even though that is so tough to do now along with some kick ass thoughts on what would be fun for you all!

Help me out, leave your SL name, NOT your display name and I’ll toss a 250L credit on your store account.


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