Hanging around for the We <3 RP event

It’s a brand new round and just opened up.

Anyhow… for this round I decided to revamp, redo and utterly have some fun with some cages.  I have a serious love for bondage.  The look, feel, some of it gets me into the really interesting thought patterns… I’m sure some of you out there can relate. *laughs*  And it can lead to other things being built… have a couple things I’m working based off of those too.  Which could be cool.

Long long long time ago I used to have this hanging cage thing…. I pulled it out.  And well…. winced.  Alpha textures for the bars even. oof right?

So I got all meshy and decided to try my hand at coming up with something new.  I’m rather pleased with the outcome.

Wanna see?  I know ya do.

Each set has a hanging cage… along with a cage that you can throw wherever.  Ground version of the cage has 17 animations and the hanging cages have 20 in them.
So that means the dual hanging cage has spots for 2 people, each with 20 anims to choose from with lots of emotive possibilities.  Different kneels, anims guys can use to sit in it even, along with crying, begging, pleading, napping, lots.  I have them out at the main store to test but to get a special lil discount and purchase you have to go to the event.

So you go here:

|I{•——»  We <3 RP

╚»╚» Go inside the spot, there are paths and lots of trees… the building I am in is the one all the way to the ___ left ___!  I’m along one of the walls inside.

Once you find me and my little display you can get the cages for a 30% discount from what they will be priced in the store.

I don’t have them for sale at the store so you can ONLY get them at the We <3 RP spot.


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