Genre – East Asia

A brand new round of Genre has started and this time we are traveling to East Asia with the Finding Bliss Meditation Set.

Made mostly of mesh this set has all of the accessories to create a little bit of peace within your hectic life.  The accessorized table with Buddha, candles, lotus flowers, bamboo leaves tucked in… Zen stones and a gong that makes a sound when clicked.

Along with the table there is a finely crafted silken meditation pillow that has 5 embedded animations.  There are no poseballs, and the animations are adjustable through the menu.  Two different meditation animations, reflection, and then two kneels.  Japanese styled kneeling for male and female.

To round it out there are two bamboo planters, one for each side.

Everything in the set is copiable which means you can place them where ever, have more than one spot or create a space for people to share.

This month as part of the Genre lovin the entire set is for sale for the insane price of 100L.

Also there is a bamboo divider that is available marked way down to a measly 25L at the event.

To get you must TAKE THE TAXI TO GENRE, it’s on display at the main store but you can only get it at Genre.

>>> TAXI  <<<


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