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Limited Edition Chair Set to be sold at The 24.  Only 100, then it's gone forever.

Limited Edition Chair Set to be sold at The 24. Only 100, then it’s gone forever.

Today a week long event called the 24 opens.  Four sims of content each specializing in one of four areas with 24 creators asked to be on each.  Mens, womens, poses/animations and home.  I’m happily ensconced upon the sim for home designers.  Each designer has agreed to create a Limited Edition item that will only have 100 sold and then not sold again, along with special gacha items for the event.

The idea I had was to create an entirely themed display with all new things to catch the imagination and the eye.  I have to say that my stuff is a bit different than most that you’ll find on the sim.  While a lot is contemporary, light, and somewhat bright mine is done in dark colors.  Big surprise there hm?  Black, various purples, silvery tones and some white for good measure.  There is soooo much and it looks sooooo rich.  The display is set up to showcase all of the pieces with rich brocades, velvets and satiny sweetness.

The first piece I’m going to highlight is the Limited Edition set.  This is where it started, the first piece and then the rest followed to create an immersive environment.  A special chair with a lil bit of burlesque.  The chair in the shape of a high heeled shoe (a bit outside my norm eh? lol) done in black with 4 burlesque style dances to swing, sway and entice your way around the stage or bedroom.  I also added 9 singles sits so you could use it wherever.  The set is a little scene, not just one piece of furniture.  I’ve included a dark purple draped curtain to frame it, mosaic mirror for the wall, crystal beaded candelabra with a beaded accent table for it to sit upon.  Lastly rounding it out is a fur rug and an urn set on a pillar with big plants to toss around wherever.  The whole thing is copy of course, mostly mesh…. admittedly the chair itself is sculpts but priced really reasonably… 550L to have and I won’t be putting it into the store.  Only 100 will be sold, if I sell that many. *laughs*

The next big piece is….. the bed.  This item which is brand new to the store is a mesh bed that has been reduced in price for the week with a 30% discount at the display.  Silver, purple, violet and black.  It’s got a sumptuous look that just screams opulence.  The Lil Bit of Burlesque Regency Bed Set is XPose scripted, RLV enabled and has 413 animations in it. With 41 menus and 207 sets it has naughty, and nice menus with sex, foreplay, all sorts of sequential type sets where you can cuddle up or have a steamy scene.  Nine different breakfast in bed sets, 10 massage sets, a discipline menu and one for threesomes relaxing or being naughty themselves.

So now I do my best paid programming impersonation….. *coughs and clears her throat*

But wait…. there’s more!

Along with the bed you get a draped purple curtain like with the chair set fit for the bed (it’s bigger lol), bedside beaded lamps with a nice corset look to them, nightstands with engraved wood and silver accented handles… a white fur rug and the back wall that I used in the display (you don’t have to, I just like offering all the pieces).  So not ONLY do you get a super uber awesome bed you get all the little accessories around it to make your bedroom.

After that… we have little pieces.  The gacha has other accents.  Floor lamps to match the bedside lamps, another set of urns without the pillars and a different plant.  A low coffee type table done in white with a vase full of orchids,  and then two chairs done in distressed white paint and either leopard print or black striped cushions.  The two chairs are the rares…. the rest are the common pulls.  I was honestly trying to create a thing like ‘build a bedroom’.  With the gachas and the limited, the bed and then the rest… it’s like a one stop spot to get what I created.

At the display there is also a set of dressing screens & wall mirror.  Matching the rest of course it rounds it out rather nicely.  It’s been a lot of fun creating it.  I had to do quite a few changes to it as I went, was something of a challenge to get it to look the way I wanted but it is a pretty impressive set.  A bit more ambitious than what I’ve been working on otherwise and to date but it does look really good.  If you like the dark tones, rich fabrics and want to be spoiled then have a lil bit of burlesque on me.  It’s worth it.

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