We Luv Our RP! New Round & New Stuff

The We <3 RP event has kicked off another round last night.  Tons of awesomeness at the place, I took a peek and loved just about everything I saw.  So many creative and talented people in one place.  Can be a bit daunting.  *grins*

I didn’t get too many sales things going this week, to be honest I completely lost track of the days.  Had a concert on Wednesday night and wasn’t home till very late.  Holiday stuff all week, people around and all.  Busy busy busy and when I logged in yesterday thinking to catch up I realized I missed a few things.  *coughs.*

Anyhow!!  For this round I am releasing two new things.  One I’ve knocked around on and off for awhile but never ‘finished’, and the other is completely new.  Smaller items this time, great savings and at the moment you can only buy them there at the We <3 RP event!

The Fireplace set is discounted 30% off, 207L and the Braziers are knocked down 50% off totaling 138L for the set.

On display at the landing of the main store, for sale ONLY @ We <3 RP event!

>>>>  TAXI!!! <<<<

I’ll have more for you later.  Still playing catch up and not sure even what I’m doing at the moment. hahaha

Have a great weekend!!!



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