The Bears & the Bees Plus Sugar Shock Sweetness!

The new Genre round is about to open up, and the CoLab round began at the end of last week.  The CoLab round was everything to do with bees, bears, honey and that sort of thing.  The PERFECT time for a revisiting of the beekeepers line!  I decided to update it, and revamp it completely.  Some new texturing, new scripts, new animations anndd…. MESH!! The set has been converted to mesh for better performance and seriously knocking off a bunch of the prims from the old version.

For example…. the bee skeps in a cabinet?  Old was 18 prims and now it is only 6!  The square frame hives?  From 5 or 6 down to 1 prim!  I also worked out the skeps so they can be stand alone to place wherever, one great thing about them though alone they are 1 prim when you link 2 together it is still only 1 prim.  Awesome.  I love lil things like that with mesh. Also a change is that the old version was transfer, back when I was doing most product like that… now for almost the same price they’re all set to copy so you can have one helluva large bee farm thing if you want. LOL  I don’t know if you’d want to but hey yanno… some might yes?

The stool now has some sits and other animations besides just the one work animation too.  It’s kinda fun to play around with things.  Shelving all of it looks much nicer, and much more functional.

The part that I offered up for CoLab is the now meshed Honey Extractor.  It still has the working crank animation in it, it still is very cool in that fashion but the prim count has been knocked down to half of what it was.  ‘

On that account the Honey Extractor is a very low 60L through the CoLab round and the rest of the set because I was feeling loverly when I put it out is marked down 50%!

GENRE!!  You know I love these themed events, keeps me hoppin… we go from bears and bees toooooo LOLITA!  Heh, seriously… not something I’ve worked on much eh?  Pinkified cupcake goodness for some folks and that’s the direction I went in for the round.  I flirted around with doing a vanity or something, you know… white wood… pinkish accents where a girl could primp herself up but decided instead to do a set of shoes.  Yepp, a real interesting twist but I think they turned out rather well.  Three colors, and each color has a texture change HUD with 4 different variations.  So you can either have the lacy one…. or the striped one….. or the plaid one….. or the one that is plain but has stripes across the toe.  Not bad eh?  Bet you wanna see huh…. I’ll be attaching a picture here shortly.  Yepp yepp.

Colors offered are Cotton Candy Pink, Grape, and Mint!  They’re kinda cool, but not something that will work for the Gorean crowd or Medieval type.  Sneaker wedges… *snickers* way outside of my normal type of thing but yanno… that’s part of the point of 5&20, so I can play!

Genre event for the month means that all three pairs of shoes are offered at 100L each.  Demos at the event and only for sale there!

>>> GENRE TAXI! <<<


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