I had an idea for group members

Hey!!  I had a really awesome idea that I am implementing as of now.  I know that on occasion I build really big items and I would like to continue to do so or create blocks of items that work together.  These can get expensive.

I get a person every once in awhile asking me, “why should I pay 5k or more for an item when I can get __fill in blank__ for less?  What makes it worth it,” etc etc.  Different questions.  O.k., I know… it can be a lot of money for folks, and understand wanting to know why I think something is worth that sort of price.  I have my reasons… don’t want to get boring here, but overall I cite quality, options being offered, and my stuff is copy.  You’re getting the ability to rezz it over and over and over again.  For instance the recent bed release.  Huge item, even updating the menus became a chore with SL lag taking forever.  Besides all that… I’m just awesome.  *coughs looking around then down at her fingernails before casually brushing them along the front of her blouse humming softly*

Ya… Oooo.k.


Here’s what I want to do.  I am going to begin offering a 20% discount to in world group members to any items or cluster of items that cost more than 5k.  If you wear the group tag then you can get this discount no matter what… at times when something is first released I offer a 50% limited time discount, this one is all the time so even if you miss out you still can potentially get a deal.

At the moment I think there’s really only two items this would effect.  The Great Furred Couch that was just released and the Silken Draped Alcove.  As more items fall into this category it could grow.

Thank you so much for your continued support and talk to you soon!



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