Bitter Bite – Not everyone likes Cotton Candy Sweetness

The cotton candy sweetness just had to be cut and tempered after all of that work on the shoes for the latest Genre round.

Introducing and giving you the other side of the coin…. Bitter Bite Sneaker Wedges so those of us with a darker more twisted bend can have our fun too.

The shoes themselves are much darker done in black, the highlights and patterns are then offered in two variations.  Red and a dark purple.  I adore those colors anyhow, you see them through my store all over the place.

Each color variant… red and purple each has 6 different textured options for the shoes.

Pure awesomeness don’t you think?  Plaids, solid, lace, a barbed wire heart, and one with skulls.

I know that the cotton candy sweetness of the other ones are pretty popular already…. it seems like these could be too, maybe?  I think so.  I’d be more inclined to wear the black ones personally. hehe, shouldn’t be a big surprise there.

The Bitter Bite Sneaker Wedges are priced as normal BUT there is a special in world group member discount through the vendors of near Genre pricing.  I think they’re 102L because I couldn’t get it to go to an even 100L through the system lol but it’s a HUGE discount.  70% off normal pricing for the shoes.

Demos available in the store, and will be on marketplace too.



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