We <3 RP! Fishin for CoLab

This weekend a new shopping event opened up and I’ve added my own little brand of fun for it.  The list of creators that are participating is rather impressive, some favorites of mine are on there too.  I created a set for the entertainers out there.  A full role play set for 6 people to be able to perform upon a stage.  Stage, lighting, and accents all included.  The set has various spots to drum, a flutist, as well as a spot for a dancer/performer up front.  Entirely up to you who goes where and does what but a cute set for those looking to have a dedicated entertainment area.  Tavern, outdoor, indoor… you can use the stage or not.  The music drum that is included has 16 different songs that can be played… it’s also not all that hard to add your own.  Instructions are included.

It’s a bit on the rustic side with thick furry rugs. To get this piece you HAVE to go to the We <3 RP Event grounds.  I have a test version at the main store, but you can’t buy it there till after the event… till then you have to go > HERE <, and it is on a 30% discount!

Also released over this past weekend was the new CoLab kit.  Fishing!!!  Something that I used to adore growing up, sitting out on the boat in the early morning as the fog lifted.  Was something I always did… don’t get to as much anymore but I have a fondness for it.  The store has been woefully bereft of fishing gear since the retirement sale… so I revamped and redid the fishing pond for CoLab.  I love this thing anyhow but now it’s a lot better.  Lower lag scripts, and spots for three folks to sit to relax… so even if you don’t like to fish you can hang out.  Marked down at the ridiculous price of 60L for the duration of the CoLab round it will raise after that.

Hope you all had a glorious weekend.  Back to work for me!


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