Sinful Velvet and Soft Furs

A very long time ago before most that read this was probably even in SL I had made up these cushions.  Simple right?  Yes… and sometimes the simple is what appeals to people the most.  The Velvet Lovers/Lounging Cushions was a line that has always done well and since that was retired last fall I kid you not… I get a weekly or sometimes more often nudge from someone asking where they are, but you know the old version still had STATIC cuddles or poses.  I mean really… it was time.  So, you know how they say the customer is always right….  we’re going to go with that… ask and ye shall receive.

Without further ado the re-release of a newly refurbished Lovers Cushions line.

This time instead of the oodles of colors that never did very well I picked 4 vibrant velvets instead.  For whatever reason whether caste color or opulence one of them should appeal to most… red for the warrior amongst us, blue, green, and purple for those wanting an aristocratic flair.  These are the ones that have been chosen…. *inspiring music swells in the background as she types… well not really… but anyhow… coughs*  Completely retextured, new shapes or sculpts used, fixed up and made even better than before.

It occurred to me while making them up that I had missed one very important look to some people…. fur.  How could I have for all these years missed the simple concept that there are probably folks who want a furry one so they can snuggle in before the fire or in a more rustic setting that velvet might not work in.  Ah well, better late than never.

The cushions weigh in at 11 prims, XPose scripted and RLV enabled.  14 menus to choose from, 9 singles sits in Singularity.  For couples there is everything from a 9 part fellatio series, to sweet cuddly moments.  Submission, lap dancing, spanks and flogging.  Sex, foreplay, backwards… forwards…. all of the animations were chosen with the intent that there isn’t so many you get lost in the menus… but have a lot of very good options to be able to entice, seduce, or just plain writhe against each other.

Listed on the marketplace if you prefer to shop there or you can test it out and purchase in world.


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