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Lately I’ve been enjoying doing something a little bit different than hunts but shopping events.  Something where you work with other creators or are within a space with a theme, something along those lines.  Where a product is offered for a month or couple weeks.  CoLab is one I’ve been a part of for quite awhile and now along with the We <3 RP event I’ve gotten into another called Genre.

It runs on the idea of a genre being picked for the month and then those wanting to participate offer up an item for 100L or less from that genre.  This months theme was Sci Fi.  I have never really made anything specifically for this genre before though I suppose that could be argued since it can be a very broad spectrum of things.  However!  I did come up with something I think.  Instead of furniture I did a dress, and some boots.  The person who runs this said I could go ahead and do whatever my little heart desired not wanting to give a limitation and I was sooooooooooooooooooo happy.  I hate to be restricted to just one thing or another.  This should be obvious really… ahem, look at my store.  hehe

Anyhow…. The months offerings are set to switch and be open to the public.  I have to admit I get rather excited with this sort.  Being able to explore different things that I wouldn’t otherwise, a challenge… which I have this thing where I love a challenge.  It keeps things fresh, I’ve been at this a long time so it really is a great thing for me.  Of course this would be the time I pick to participate yes?  One of the harder ones for me to come up with something… I did struggle a little.


First up the dress.  I fiddled with a few ideas.  Never really satisfied but when I was playing with this one I decided to channel my inner Trekkie.  *snickers* Yanno, the old short dresses that came mid thigh?  Well I couldn’t resist.  The shoulders are a little boxier, but hey I figured that just added to the bit of flare needed to keep the dress interesting.  It could be worn in a modern type environment I’m sure as well but it is done in those tried & true Star Trek colors of blue, red, and a gold type color.  Though… I did not add the insignia.  Nope, they’re a bit more on the generic side.

Rigged mesh and available in five sizes it moves with the body well and I love how it drapes across the back.  It looks real nice.  Demos available as well for those wanting them.

Now onto the boots.  These aren’t meant to be Star Trek but they could be for some missions I suppose however they’re meant to fit into more areas.  Punked up or urban or even elsewhere I would imagine.  Leather boots with brown and black leather.  Strapped and buckled… nicely done.  Rigged mesh in three sizes along with the unrigged version if you want to size for yourself or just like them that way. Demos on site as with the dress.

Each piece is priced at a very reasonable 75L.

You can ONLY GET THEM HERE .  They are a part of the Genre event and available there until June 13th or so, I think… I’m still new at this one, be gentle with me.  *laughs*

I know that people like hunts, and I like participating on occasion to make things fun though to be honest I am switching my focus alittle… I have been tossing around the idea of doing some store hunts rather than the large ones all the time.  More intimate. *grins*  What do you think?  Do you like store hunts, or do you like grid wide hunts?  I suppose to you guys there might not be a WHOLE lot of a difference but it doesn’t hurt to ask, someone might have an opinion.

I have a couple grid wide hunts coming up.  An Arabian Nights one, and then the Silk Road Hunt is coming up.  I have Home Expo (!!!) soon with a hunt going on there too which benefits RFL.

I’m going to wrap this up, until next time!!


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