Enchained Mesh Collar

Hey out there!  Been working a few new things and opened up the wing where the ‘rest’ of the attachments or clothing type stuff is going to go that just doesn’t quite fit in with the regular Roawenwood lines.  We’re opening up with a mesh collar.

Rigged mesh entitled Enchained in four different variations.  Black & Gold, Black & Silver, Brown & Gold, Brown & Silver.  Now…. one thing is that the gold looks…. really good.  It pops off the collar with depth which I just adore.  It’s tough finding different variations like this sometimes.  People tend to like to keep to the chrome or silver look often.  Now as far as the silver, it is a deeper color.  It’s not the bright chrome that you see that can sometimes be almost too bright in some cases.  It’s a rather distressed look, which I find attractive.

The brown… that’s a little different.  When I was working the different textures it had a kind of steampunk feel to it for me.  I don’t know if anyone else would agree but I thought it was pretty decent.  Since there’s a lot out there that like that genre or look I thought hey that could work.  I’m not sure which one I like the look of the best because I’m partial to all of them really but I have to admit it was fun to play with.

They’re being released under a bit of a new line called 5ive & 2wenty, it’s a division of the Roawenwood but has a bit of a different look to the branding some.  It lets me play around a bit but still it is going to fall under the Roawenwood umbrella.  Yanno sometimes you have things that just will not fit with your current brand or skitter along the edge somewhere.  Since I like to keep things where they ought to be it seemed like a good opportunity to play around with it.  All gift cards and things for Roawenwood work there… it’s all tied together, just has a bit of a different look in some ways.

This is where I’ll end up tossing all those little pieces I wasn’t feeling comfortable tossing into the regular Roawenwood line.  Make sense?  Maybe, maybe not… I’m sure some are wondering if I’m completely nuts.

Will be having the weekend sales and all soon too.

Till next time.


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