Just brilliant

I’ve been sooooo very busy with Fantasy Faire preparation and all the other little goings on that I haven’t been able to give the store the attention I like to or usually do.  The last couple weeks you haven’t heard much from me I know…. but it will be worth it in the end I hope!  The Fantasy Faire build is going well…. though I have to admit to some trepidation as it grows closer.  That should be semi-normal right?  uhhuh… *chews on her lower lip, grins*

Yesterday I released an outfit because I hate going so long without a little something for everyone.  At the moment it is marked down 50% till I get around to getting in there and raising the price to the normal one…. well technically I can do it out of world.  Handy how vendors can be when you use a website but I’m being nice.  I’m not…… yet………

The Zahrah outfit is a brilliant addition to my clothing lines.  Done in 5 very decadent colors meant to highlight your curves and body making you stand out amongst the rest.  The outfit includes a mesh bolero jacket in 6 sizes, and the sarouel pants in 7 sizes!  A couple bonus sizes for those peoples with a lil extra in the backside or breast.  Nice huh?

Along with the pants and jacket there is a banded top on clothing layers… I EVEN went and put the Lolas Tangos applier thing in there with it so ya’ll who like them or use them to round out your figure don’t have to give up on this piece.

While this is enough to give it a little bit attention I have also included a bunch of accessories.  Necklaces, earrings, a circlet with little jewels dripping down along the forehead, armbands, bracelets, anklets and golden ropes to sweep around the hips settling against the waist of the pants.  Like I said… just brilliant and so befitting the name… Zahrah.

Check it out on Marketplace HERE, or at the in world location as well.


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