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This weekend Fantasy Faire officially opened and it is doing phenomenally well.  I’ve been watching the numbers and donations awed by the generosity that has been shown already.  More than 3 million lindens have been raised already.  That’s no small feat and I’m truly grateful for the people who give whether through product or purchase.

It’s been an interesting and amazing experience being able to create a sim for it.  I was overwhelmed with how people were so excited to get in that they were very nearly breaking down our doors.  Then the people have been wonderful.  Have met and spoke to more people in the past few days than I have in months!  *laughs*  It’s been a lot of fun.

I’ve also been watching the flickr groups, blogs… things like that.  Now I have to say, I was pleased with how the sim turned out but wow… you guys make it look even better.  Some of the folks taking photos and posting them have got some awesome angles, shading… the different looks and impressions from different spots on the sim.  They’re magnificent.  I almost think it would be very cool if they were collected with permission of course, and put into a scrap book of sorts or a picture book.  Just beautiful.

As far as RFL items I have out a few.  Some themed specifically after the sim, smaller pieces perhaps but I was trying to offer up affordable along with something a little different.  Firstly I did a color varient of the Zahrah outfit that won’t be available after the faire.  It has all the goodies that the normal one does.  Jewelry etc… I have missed doing outfits I think.  For a long time I sort of steered clear of them for some reason.  Lost my gumption and I suppose some of my confidence in them.  But then again I do enjoy it for what it is.  I think I could do better of course but I hope most people think that.  It’s partly what ends up driving you to keep pushing those envelopes to see what you’re really capable of.  I also made up a petite outfit.  The cutest little thing… I actually floated around in this for a day or two after putting it together.  In two colors.  Ice Blue and a Black varient.  Cute cute and it has A LOT included in it.  I’ve called it the Petite Empress.  The dress is included with flex skirts, and then jewelry… bracelets, along with a tiny tiara.  A staff accessory so you can feel regal and then two sets of wings.  One scripted with an AO that has hover, flying, and ‘walks’ that hover to keep the effect.  Also it supports lola’s tangos, I’m not sure how many petites actually use them but I have heard some mention that they do so I put it in there.  It doesn’t hurt to be thorough I suppose yes?

Since it wouldn’t be right to not have something furniture related I have finally put together the dragon throne I get asked about constantly to have more of a function and use for folks.  Ever since I put the really black dark one together for a hunt gift ages ago I get a request for it, or a ‘where is it’ type of thing.  I never did much with it but when I was making up the Evensong sim the thought of it being complimentary to it and a part of it just was a nice touch.  I wanted to have a regal spot, throne area type thing at the main sim sponsor store as if it was the head of the rule class for the elves that lived within the trees.  Eh, don’t know if I got it across but it looks pretty neat.  Soooo one of my rfl items is the sim inspired Yuale Nura Throne set, along with some braziers and torches… things like that with the same colors from the sim, and stained glass.  I did offer up the darker version too… Throne of the Unseelie.  The different with this and of course the hunt gift is that this actually has more stuff in it.  Though because it is RFL I kept it pg and family friendly.  *grins*  If enough people want it maybe I’ll make it naughty… should I?  hmm?  Of course if it is I will just put it at the main store. *laughs*  The throne sets include the ottomans as well so you can toss them around where you wish for extra seating, 12 animations in the ottoman.

The throne itself has 5 sets of animations for two to sit singly, and then it has 11 I think couples animations.  Kisses, cuddly stuff and a bit of relaxing.  It has just enough to make it interesting but not so much that you’re not sure what to choose from.  Sometimes I like doing pieces like that.  Less extensive menus and less confusion but a nice atmosphere piece.  Something a little different yanno?  I know often places like to stuff as much as possible in a piece of furniture.  While I don’t blame them I suppose and everyone likes options I like to find a middle ground.  Often I never know what a piece of furniture does when it has too much and spend more time trying to see all that it has rather than enjoying it.  I just try to pick what works and what is decent.  Hopefully I get that across.

Soooo!  That’s my ramblings and post for now.  Please please visit fantasy faire and check out the amazing work on all of the sims.  They are ALL truly breathtaking.

Teleport to Evensong Woods at the Faire


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