Good morning and salutations!

I’m going to highlight the couple weekly things I have going on so ya’ll have a little something to gander at.  Might as well and it’s a simpler post. heh Anything to make life a lil simpler these days eh?

CoLab!  I didn’t highlight that but this rounds item is a few sweet little Easter/spring like items.  I know I haven’t really done much for Easter this year and that’s ok.  I’m sure you guys are getting slammed with lil bunnies, pastel colors and all sorts of things all over the grid.  I do like the gardening though it’s a good one and a favorite.  Digging into the earth, growing things…. watching them bloom.  Love it.

So this round, and for this week still, these items are marked down A LOT.

First for the Petite Mesh avatars I made these cute lil buggers:


The two sacks with eggs in them are available for sale and then the one with the chick is a bonus one tossed into the packs so you get two rucksacks.  They’re cute and I think marked at 35L each.

The next one is the garden.  It’s full sized…. for regular avatars.  It’s one of those things that I want to add onto.  You know it could be fun to do lil packs… herb packs and things so you can shift or change it or crate a larger garden based off of the lil one.  But for now this is what I have for you, a nice compact garden with fencing and different animations to work.  Two workers can care for the garden at a time, with 6 animations for each of them.

I think in the regular version of this I would add a few animations that aren’t in there.  We’ll see yes?

This week I didn’t get into 60L.  I’m not sure what direction that list is going into but seems to be having some bumps as things get worked out.  I’m considering other options for the weekend sales or special offers for the store, so I suppose that means if someone has something they think would be a good idea or something I’m all ears.  You know how I like to hear from folks and to find new opportunities.  It’s good for me…. good for you.  Anything that helps keep the creativity flowing is an added plus of course.

So, onto the next…. Simply the Best weekly sale offer!!  This is a nice lil twist… at least a 50% reduction on an item.  Now… generally speaking I like to do something newer or something that I haven’t placed on sale before.  In general I don’t like to rehash things and give you something to look forward to.  This week is an interesting item.  While working on a larger set I made this up.  It’s basically an ottoman.  Yea I know right, boring but not this one.  Low prim, toss it into a corner for those lil spots you want to be able to have some…. *coughs* fun without having to go find your bed.

The Minim Stone Couch, if you’re of a Gorean mindset you might realize the twist… or not… but hey I tried.  It’s a mini-stone couch rather than a big bed. heheh, richly textured with a slave ring on it’s side that emits particle chains to the collar.  Different animation sets to suit it so you can have some kinky fun.  Great to put into a corner of a tavern maybe… bedroom, wherever really since it isn’t overtly made for any specific room it can fit into just about any.

Have at it, and have fun…. this week it is marked down to 198L.  A really nice deal on it I think.

So I think that’s about it for this post.  I’ve been working and preparing for the Fantasy Faire mostly.  I have a few events coming up this coming week.  Hunts and things so keep your eyes peeled.  Thanks and have a great weekend!!




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