I’ve done it again, grown silent.

It’s not because I don’t care… really I do.  I’m still here.  Don’t worry.

I have had some awesome releases recently… from dice games to card playing tables and tic tac toe hangouts one week.  Now the thing is…. I ALSO was doing some major work on the store… and the TWISTED HUNT kicked off!

Woot!  Twisted goodness with gacha, prizes, souvenirs and all sorts of warped people hosting a wide array of events.

There is a normal sized prize at the place;

Then there is a petite gift!  This one is a little more warped but fun all the same.

So you have your teasers.  There’s other stuff around the landing but if you want those you gotta come get em.  I’m not going to give it ALL away.  Now… STEAM 8 also started up, and I’m giving away a nice lil backpack for that that is sized up for normal and petite avatars too.  So you should find that if you’re interested.

The store looks different… it’s not “done” done, but I’ll continue to tweak the build but at the moment I have other things going on that I will bend your ear with shortly.

Take care and happy hunting.





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