Fantasy Faire 2013

It’s me again, and if I seem a little more frazzled or disorganized lately it’s because well…. I probably am.

One of the best events of the season for me is coming up.  Fantasy Faire.  Not only is it one of those magical things where people get together to embrace giving life to fantasy creating environments that capture the imagination, highlighting some of the best but it is also an event to benefit RFL.  RFL or Relay for Life is something that I hold close to my heart in SL and in RL.

This year I have been honestly stunned.  The organizers for the Fantasy Faire asked me to construct one of the sims that you all will be visiting.  I’m humbled, and a bit intimidated.

I don’t generally build large builds outside of my own personal ones for the store or for whatever reason so the idea of doing something big like this where people will actually GO.  Well see that’s a little different. *laughs*  Last year when I visited some of the sims I remember drawing in a big breath, eyes wide like a little kid seeing some of what people came up with for the different areas.  Now…… I’m on stage so to speak.  Uh oh right?

I’m thrilled… nervous…. excited… though I have given myself something of a challenge with the theme I chose I think.

So… are you ready for the Faire?  Have you been waiting impatiently to see what was coming next?

I know I have been.


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