Getting back into the swing

While I’ve been actively still able to release products and do things for the store I know I haven’t updated here with it all.  And some of it is pretty awesome stuff too!

A new bathhouse set!  With tons and tons of stuff.  I think I’m going to just upload the pictures to my flickr account so you can browse there or see them because while I don’t like to whine and all….. nasty sick bugs have been in my house making everyone feel just terrible for the past couple weeks.

It’s been such a pain in the ass to be honest.  *laughs*  I haven’t been able to have real dedicated time to work taking care of myself and other folks.  Hence bad blogging.

So what else have I worked on.

A dance cage.

A quilting table.

New tavern table set to go along with the Ciragan line.

Petites have gotten a new songster set.  Stumps with music, guitar and flute.

So as you can see I keep busy but not always able to keep up. hehe

This weekend there is a festival starting at the Petites Kingdom that is going to run through the tenth.  There is supposed to be games and a special little market.  I’ve placed out a few items for 100L as well as something that is brand new.  It’s quite adorable really.  An overturned wagon with quilts, books, pillows… two avatars can sit.  Reclining or just relaxing.  I do like it a lot.  I also have a prize for folks in the games part.  Should check it out if you’re of a mind to.  Sounds like a lot of fun.



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