CoLab #63 – Hanging by a Thread

The latest CoLab kit was all about knits, warm sweaters, sewing and all sort of things.  Of course I knew that focusing on knitting would be easy but I decided to take the secondary theme of sewing and make up something that I’ve promised to make for a very long time.

A seamstress/tailor set.  I kept the name a bit more generic by calling it a Clothiers workset but it really is nice.  Right now during the round nothing in this set is over 60L.

Honestly, you can’t really beat that can you?  Four different sets that make up an interactive scene.  The coloring for it is a bit different.  It uses a lot of blues, purples, greens and a mauve or rose type coloring.  I’ve included fabric bolts, rolled fabrics, rumpled, wall racks… bobbins, tons of accessories.

It will be on sale for the CoLab event until the next round which begins next Thursday, January 24th.  After that it will be added to normal store inventory with a ‘normal’ price.


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