Brushes off the dust

Wow, you know.  *coughs waving her hand in front of her face kicking up some of the dust that has settled around here*  It’s been too long since I left a little note here or an update.  I am using the holidays as my excuse but that’s one helluva long hang over eh?  *grins*  Hope you all have been having a great new year so far…. and now… back to business.

Lots and lots of new plans coming up for the new year, you’ll be pleasantly surprised I think but one of the very first offerings for this year is the release of an outdoor shower.

Outdoor?  January, I know… don’t necessarily mesh together but it is part of a new line for a fully coordinated bath house set that I have been working on.  I was going to release it all at once, but well… running a little behind so this be the little teaser for today.  I’m going to be releasing the rest either over the weekend or next week but here’s the first.

Rugged, a bit rustic, but it isn’t at the same time.  Golden accents, rich textures, curtains and thick piled fur rug at the base of the working shower.  The shower has hot and cold running water with splash effects and sound.  Not only all that it is XPose scripted.  Solid and ‘goes to sleep’ if it isn’t being used or can be shut down completely.

Set access on who can flick the switch in the options.

The shower has 5 different menus, with 3 animations for single washing or choose from a selection of 19 different couples animations sets.  Gay, lesbian, and hetero couples animations are included.  Some are even limited edition animation sets that are no longer for sale on the grid.  That’s always kinda nice.  Have something a little different that you can’t get anywhere else.

If that isn’t enough to get you to come down and check it out for this week only there is a 50% off introductory sales price.  From now until January 17th/18th the shower will be at a very nice markdown.

What do you have to lose hmm?  Just imagine it eh?  Warm steamy water, slick bodies and fresh air.  hahaha, you know you wanna.



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