New Twisted Goodness & Holiday Decor

Happy hump day everyone!! Oi, yanno how can you say… happy… mid-week?  I know, because now we’re at the second part of the week or will be and we’re closer to the weekend!  Yay!

Long ago in a storefront far far away I used to do Hump Day Happenin events where there was updates or special lil offers for groupies, friends, customers and the like each week.  I had because of time constraints or just an overload of freekin grid hunts gave up on the concept some however I have been rethinking it a little and considering…. maybe, just maybe reviving the old tradition.  Might not be all bad eh?  I’m not sure yet.  Maybe.

Anyhow, today there are a few updates for the week so far… Twisted Krissmuss goodness which means inexpensive and transferrable.  There is stuff on the display that hasn’t been highlighted on the blog so you should come check it out.  I wanna make sure I show off my latest first.  *beams*  It’s a decent ensemble in my opinion.

Suzanne is something of a period piece, Victorian inspired outfit with overcoat, bonnet and shoulder cape.  The outfit includes a fur muff for you to wear with an AO in it so you can have your hands kept warm when wandering or outdoors.  Walk is included in the AO which makes it that much better.  There is also a caroling av attachment as an added bonus.  Song book that on attach plays a singing animation along with moving the mouth so you look like you’re singing.  A nice lil bit for the season.


Available in 4 colors: blue, red, black and brown it can be worn in different places I would think.  Modest enough for a free woman in Gor as well perhaps?  Rigged mesh it moves with you.

Other lovely items are at the landing too that was just released.  A set of holiday trees.  Two versions.  One that is decorated very nicely and the other with just garland, and twinkling lights for the lighter look.

I’m going to wrap up the post because well…. my attention keeps getting diverted from rl stuff and all.  Not that easy to write up things when that happens.  Will write again soon.  Take care *grins*



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