I been nominated! The 2012 Avi Choice Awards

You know…. I was a bit floored when I got this NC telling me that I had been nominated for Favorite Furniture Creator in the Avi Choice awards this year.  Honestly, I’m not playing coy here.  I don’t expect those little nods or people to do things like that in the least so I’m flattered.  Honestly that some folks somewhere thought that my stuff was worth the mention.

So I get this NC inviting me to the event.  I scroll down through this page here and I have to admit there is something of a… wow really? in seeing your name or yourself on this list of stuff.  It’s kind of fun, and I do appreciate it very much.

I’ve seen some folks actively trying to get people to vote and yanno it’s funny.  I never thought of like putting signs around my store or doing anything to try to win it even.  I guess I should/could have but then I suppose I don’t REALLY expect to make a final round or win the thing… I guess I don’t REALLY expect people to vote for me.  I do what I do because I love it and love sharing it…. if people find enjoyment in it and like my stuff then I’ve done what I’ve set out to accomplish.  (The voting page is here, just click me if you’re so inclined of course, I’m not about to tell you NOT to.   Think the voting goes until the 12th or something)

One of the great parts is this is all RFL related which is really important to me to begin with.

Thanks really… so very very much to whomever nominated me for it, and for all of you in supporting my store, my vision, and what I love to do.




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